First of all, there was a clarity them -- they were in sharper focus, and the colors were far more vibrant. Secondly, when you stood in one of those spots, there was a certain sense of well-being -- a sense of belonging -- as if the ghost places were the true living places, and not the other way around.

–Neal Shusterman on dead-spots, Everlost, p. 56

Dead-spots are locations in Everlost that are wholly a part of Everlost. They are invisible to the living world, preserved exactly as they were when they crossed from the living world into Everlost. A large example of this would be the Dead Forest that Allie and Nick woke up in.

Unlike places wholly in the living world, dead-spots are physical to the Afterlight residents of Everlost. Afterlights are not in danger of sinking to the Center of the Earth while on dead-spot soil. Afterlights can also interact with the environment of a dead-spot, unlike living world environments that they pass right through.

Dead-spots are often formed when an object or landmark of great importance perishes in the living world. For example, when the Twin Towers fell on 9/11, they passed into Everlost and that passage included some of the ground around it. They are also formed when a person dies or crosses into Everlost.