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This wiki is all about the books in The Skinjacker Trilogy by Neal Shusterman: Everlost, Everwild, and Everfound. As you can see, there is a great deal of work to be done. Just as Mary Hightower found herself scribes to copy her writings, we too must catalog and transcribe the information about the Everlost universe. I encourage you to take up the torch and make an edit. The pages aren't going to write themselves!

Spoilers! Edit

This wiki is NOT a spoiler free zone. You should expect every page to have some sort of spoiler. If you haven't finished the trilogy, you may be spoiled from reading the pages, depending on how far along you are and what content you choose to read.

For Editors Edit

Make sure to check out the Using Everlost Terminology page. Not only is it an important reference for proper usage of Everlost terminology based off of how it appears in the book, but like everything else on this wiki, it is a work in progress. If you notice there are any missing terms, please add them!

Also, THANK YOU, for helping to build this place up!

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Twin Towers
    edited by Danfasa 3 hours ago diff
    Summary: expanded on nearly every section
  • edit Meadow
    edited by Danfasa 3 hours ago diff
    Summary: categories
    Added categories: Characters, Article stubs
  • new page Coins
    created by Danfasa 4 hours ago
    New page: “ With all the money living people spend, everyone has at least one coin in their pocket when they cross. ” –Meadow, Everlost, p. 80 ...
    Added category: Article stubs
  • new page Meadow
    created by Danfasa 4 hours ago
    New page: Meadow has long blonde hair that nearly touches the floor. Dressed in a tie-dyed shirt and large bell-bottoms, she is the pinnacle of a 60s hippie...
  • edit Twin Towers
    edited by Danfasa diff
  • new page Twin Towers
    created by Danfasa
    New page: The Twin Towers, which were destroyed during the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001, feature prominently in Everlost. They serve as the home...
  • new page User blog:Danfasa/Saint Nick, Coins on Their Edge, and Johnnie-O Clothes
    posted by Danfasa
    New blog: Firstly, I was googling the name meanings for the Everlost characters. After discovering Travis stems from traverse or to cross, I wanted to see what...
    Summary: Blog post created or updated.
    Added category: Blog posts
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    Summary: cleaned up the page: grammar, links
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    Summary: Reorganized page a bit. Expanded on biography, introduced several new sections. Expanded on trivia.
  • edit Lief
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    Summary: adding to the religion heading

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