Jix is a short, muscular, Hispanic 15 year old boy, who died in nothing but tattered jeans. Being a furjacker, he

Jix furjacking

skinjacks the great cats, namely jaguars, so he is slowly begining to turn into one.

Examples of his slow, but steady transomation include orangeish-goldish skin with dark spots that feels like fur, cat ears, whiskers, fangs, and catlike behaviors (ex: hissing, growling, being a "solitary animal", purring)

Memorable QuotesEdit

Jill: "Are there others in your litter?"

Jix: "Cats are solitary animals,"

Jill insulting Jix's cat-like body features.

"If you hit her, I will open my mouth wide enough to swallow you whole, force you through my bowels, and out my other end,"

Jix intimidating the Neon Nighmares.

"Now, why don't you go groom yorself like a good kitty."

Jill, once again insulting Jix.

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