Bearing the name as a result of a "weird mop of candy-apple-red hair that made him look like a Raggedy Andy doll", Andy is one of Johnnie-O's thugs. First appearing in Chapter 6: Scavengers of Everlost, Andy recognizes Nick and Allie to be Greensouls and estimates that they are only a week old at most.

Background Edit

Not much is revealed about Andy's life before death or even his recruitment into Johnnie-O's gang, but it can be assumed that Andy was traversing Rockland County before being accosted by Johnnie-O and whatever boys the bully may have had at the time.

Personality Edit

Andy seems much more laid back in comparison to the other Altar Boys and quite inquisitive, guessing correctly that Nick and Allie are greensouls only about a week old. Andy is loyal and dedicated to Johnnie-o, serving the other boys when he is called to.

Appearance Edit

Andy has red, apple-colored hair that is set in a weird mop-like style possibly due to Andy's choice in bodily modifications.

Everlost Edit

Raggedy Andy appears alongside Heimlich, Johnnie-o and several other boys when they ambush Nick and Allie at night. Upon capturing them, he observes that the duo is only a week old and are greensouls. After the Altar Boys search the two new souls for valuables, they push Allie into the ground when she refuses/can't produce anything worth keeping. Like the others, he runs off when something comes crashing into the clearing, believing it to be the McGill.

Andy appears again when Allie enlists his and the rest of the Altar Boy's help to save Nick and Lief from the Haunter. Like the others, he was suspicious of Allie when she asked for their help, but didn't object to going to the Haunter to rescue Nick and Lief. It can be assumed that he, like the other Altar Boys, participated in the feast at the Haunter's pickle factory after discovering that the boys were gone and the Haunter imprisoned.

Trivia Edit

  • Raggedy Andy's real name or nickname is never revealed, as the monicker of Raggedy Andy is given to him by Nick and Allie because they didn't know his actual name.
  • Whether the hair color and style of Andy's hair is a bodily modification is never revealed, but it's possible that they are due to drawing the attention of the duo and being so unusual in the first place.