Skully was an afterlight in Mary's care who relayed information about the Haunter to Allie. He is one of two kids known to have crossed on Halloween, the other being Molder.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Skully's background, but it is known that he crossed on Halloween night after his death. Skully was wearing his skeleton costume at the time of his crossing, which probably gave him his nickname if he forgot his real name after dying. Some time before the main story, he came into Mary's care.

Personality Edit

Skully is shown to be observant and curt, dissuading Allie from talking about his appearance due to it irritating him. Skully is also prompt and to the point, as he initiates conversation quickly with her and states what he knows, and is quick to try and relay the information.

Appearance Edit

Skully has white makeup around his face with black around his eyes. He wears a cheap skeleton costume that follows the skeleton motif of his overall appearance.

Everlost Edit

Skully first appears when he enters the elevator with Allie in the Twin Towers. He prevents her from talking about or reacting further to his appearance, irritated at her stupor and distracted state. The boy then proceeds to talk to Allie about her interest in the "Criminal Arts", and reveals his awareness of the Haunter. Before Skully can tell her about the Haunter's whereabouts, the elevator gets to its destination and he promises to tell her more later. At a later point, he tells her about the location of the Haunter.

It can be assumed that when Nick revealed the mystery of the coins to Mary's children, Skully jumped into the Light and got where he was going.

Trivia Edit

  • Skully is named after "Scully" from The X-Files tv series, and the only other child to cross on Halloween, Molder, is named after "Mulder" from the same show. These names are a reference to the show and the partnership and relationship between the two in either series.