Speedo, a Finder from New Jersey, is one of the more prominent minor characters of the series. He is thirteen years old and is stuck in Everlost wearing a wet bathing suit. The waistband of said suit is obscured by a root-beer belly. He is prone to expanding his smile beyond was humanly capable in the living world.

Findings Edit

Known for bringing Mary Hightower his best finds, we first see him bringing her an entire birthday cake. He was recognized by Mary from a previous interaction in which he brought her a grapefruit. The cake was obtained by waiting around at birthday parties, three hundred and seventy eight of them to be exact, as food only crosses into Everlost when it's made with love. The cake perished when a little kid pulled it off the table, sending it crashing to the floor. However, it left a "lasting impression" on the table where it had sat. For the find of this cake, he was given a silver Jaguar that had crossed into Everlost through a vortex.