Stubs is an altar boy who works for the eponymous Johnnie-o. He mainly deals with explosives that he carried over from his death, capable of blowing open doors even in the realm between life and death.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Stub's past, but he was selling fireworks illegally in his garage on the day of his death. When the fireworks went off, he crossed into Everlost with only three fingers left, which one of the altar boys uses as a reason as to why Stubs can only count to three.

Personality Edit

It can be assumed that Stubs is rebellious and dislikes following rules unless there is a strict authority that can stop him. His selling of the fireworks and joining the Altar Boys heavily alludes to these traits.

Appearance Edit

While not a lot of info is revealed about Stub's appearance, his most notable trait is his lack of fingers due to a firework accident.

Abilities/Skills Edit

Stubs is capable of utilizing explosives and combustibles to blow open doors and walls in Everlost.

Everlost Edit

Stubs is never actually seen in the book, but is mentioned in a conversation between Allie and Johnnie-o. When Allie and the Altar Boys plan their invasion of the Haunter's pickle factory, she mentions that there is a steel door locked from the inside that would prevent them from entering. Johnnie-o reassures her, mentioning Stubs and his fireworks along with his life before death. One of the other boys says that the incident that caused Stubs to enter Everlost is why Stubs can only count to three, but whether this was a joke or not is unknown.

It can be assumed that Stubs, being the pyrotechnics expert, went with the Altar Boys to the pickle factory and participated in the feast at the abandoned warehouse upon finding out that Nick and Lief had been captured by the McGill and the Haunter was trapped using his own method.

Trivia Edit

  • Stubs's real name, like many of the Altar Boys' names, is never revealed, probably forgotten during his time as an afterlight. His new name/nickname comes from the fact that seven of his fingers are missing and are probably "stubs".
  • How explosives can be utilized in Everlost is never revealed, as the memory of being an explosive wouldn't be enough to light the fireworks. Matches are never shown in the Altar Boys' possession, and it can only be assumed that like living explosives, Stubs' fireworks would need a match to set them off. Whether or not Stubs crossed with matches is never revealed, but it can be assumed that he or another altar boy did due to Johnnie-o alluding to his previous use of explosives.
  • How explosives work in Everlost is also never revealed, as everything in the realm of Everlost is meant to be eternal. How explosives, whose intention is to destroy, can destroy things in a realm meant to be indestructible is unknown.